Touchless For Windows

Touchless control for your PC
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by Leap Motion
Age Rating: 3+

Touchless Control For Your PC

Use your Leap Motion Controller to interact with your Windows PC.

Touchless for Windows creates a virtual ‘touch’ screen in the air. Just lift your hand or finger to navigate your computer. Browse the web, open applications and documents, and control menu items — without touching anything.

Touchless for Windows includes basic and advanced levels, so you can choose your level of 3D interaction.

  • Click by pointing your finger towards the screen
  • Scroll by swiping fingers in the air — left and right for horizontal scrolling, or up and down for vertical scrolling
  • Zoom in and out with one or two hands

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Could be better

    3 of 5
    by Crimell – December 16

    Honestly, it is not disappointing. However, doesn't work properly sometimes, e.g. the "right button" function in the advanced mode is heavily bugged: sometimes, the circle that appears to show the pressing does NOT fade away, making impossible to click something else if not with a usual mouse. And the zooming seems not to work at all, at least not in the common web pages. A good app, but it cold be DEFINETLY improved.

    5 out of 6 customers found this review helpful

  • It is fast and smooth but just touch

    4 of 5
    by harrypar – December 9

    Touchless doesn't have any way to make it more or less sensitive and to use the leap for more than web browsing you need a mouse app.

    6 out of 8 customers found this review helpful

  • Input on the wrong screen!

    1 of 5
    by JimmyVong – December 16

    I'm unable to use Touchless for Windows because the input happens on my second screen while the indicators are in the first screen! Please fix this !

    8 out of 12 customers found this review helpful

  • disable Microsoft flicks

    5 of 5
    by titaniumpony – December 23

    Great app. I recommend using the advanced settings. Disabling flicks made it easier to use

    5 out of 7 customers found this review helpful

  • Great app after update.

    5 of 5
    by koles – December 7

    It took a little time. But after this update it is really great and intuitive app. cursor stop now when you click and it is easier to click what you want to. Good job.


  • Doesn't work on Win 7 64

    1 of 5
    by Chefrancois – July 30

    Come on, Day 1 this is the very least of all the apps that should work. Considering there are mostly Windows users, this is a bad way to start off. The entire product is useless without a good pointing device. Please fix this!

    14 out of 14 customers found this review helpful

  • After so many delays this?

    1 of 5
    by Dasfiter – July 27

    I was expecting actual functionality when I downloaded this APP. I am running Windows 7 64 bit and it detects movement but no other gestures. There is no clicking no scrolling, no anything. What is going on here? Can we get an update on the situation?

    13 out of 13 customers found this review helpful

  • Leap Critical App

    1 of 5
    by jsabshin – July 27

    This is probably the most critical app for Leap Motion success. Forget the games. Forget everything else. Hire some people from Apple or get whoever you need to make this app effective and user friendly. Right now it's like trying to learn how to play baseball for the first time. Pointing and a series of gestures would make more sense to me. Maybe index point and fist to open and other simple hand gestures. Get a focus group. You need this app to work.

    13 out of 13 customers found this review helpful

  • Good Start

    3 of 5
    by jamestulli – July 22

    Very nice start. Once you get the hang of it,navigating your PC without the mouse or keyboard becomes pretty easy. One major need: Multi-Monitor support. I have twin 24" screens side by side and need to pull my apps back to the first display so Leap Motion can interact with them. Looking forward to the improvements.

    12 out of 12 customers found this review helpful

  • Tired Arm

    4 of 5
    by trevre – July 22

    Obviously this app needs some work and improved functionality - but you get the idea and after an hour or so playing with it I a able to navigate and click through a web page. So far I have found the device most useful in applications that already use 3 space - google earth is a great example of this and probably my favorite so far - plus no need to install any separate app, its already built into google earth. boo 500 char limit - I have a lot more to say.

    11 out of 11 customers found this review helpful

    Platform: Windows
    Size: 33.6 MB
    Age Rating: 3+
System Requirements

Windows 7+
Intel i3 2 GHz+
2MB Hard Drive Space
Leap Motion Software 1.0.1 or greater